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So we bought a wine shop

Hello world! This blog has been created for a number of reasons…

  1. My husband and I had a baby…
  2. My husband and I are finding that raising said baby in New York City is really expensive and very far away from our families…
  3. So in a moment of insanity we bought a wine shop in a small southern town. (I am going to attribute this to the sleep deprivation that Chris and I have been subjected to since the arrival of the baby).
  4. The small southern town is my husband’s hometown.
  5. We’re leaving our jobs, heading home for the holidays to complete the purchase of our shop, visiting family, returning to New York in a whirlwind to pack up our apartment and fifteen plus years of New York City living┬áto be in our new life by February 1st.


My name is Kristin and my husband is Chris and we’re embarking on an amazing adventure in wine, beer and owning our own business.


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