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Two reasons for the title of this blog post:

1. Come on, you’re shocked that we’re finally getting around to a new blog post! As in: “My-oh-my, Tastings is actually updating their blog”

2. This wine:

meiomi chard











Meiomi Chardonnay! A number of our customers have experienced the joy that is the Meiomi Pinot Noir, but now we’ve also brought in the Chardonnay. Joseph J. Wagner is a fifth-generation winemaker from a family with farming and winemaking roots in the Napa Valley since the 1880’s.¬†¬†Meiomi Chardonnay embodies the character of California’s most notable coastal wine regions. Unifying the unique characters from each region allows this Chardonnay to distinguish itself as an elegant, balanced Chardonnay fully formed.

Oaky, happy and perfect for this warm summer we’re having in North Carolina. Stop by the shop and pick up a bottle for your next special occasion!

The reason for the title of this post? When we bought the shop, we heard a great story about this wine from the former owners. When Meiomi first arrived in the shop, no one was sure how to pronounce the name of the wine. During a discussion of varying pronunciations a customer offered to buy a bottle and try it. She called the shop the next day and informed them: “I know how to pronounce the name of that wine, it’s My-Oh-My, because that wine is so fabulous!”

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