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$8 Sale

 This Beaujolais Nouveau is a fun wine that is released around the time of the holidays. It’s a young wine that is fruity and light and best when chilled. We have a few bottles left: $8










Also on our tasty sale table is this Cono Sur Syrah! This wine is full of blackberry and blackcurrant flavors and a hint of smoky spiciness. Try this wine with stew or a hearty pasta: $8.










See you soon!
Chris and Kristin

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Sweet Kiss!

Dear Romantics:

“Baci Dolci” – It means :”Sweet Kiss” and when paired with dark chocolate it equals a great Valentines Day!

This Frizzante wine is a divine treat (slightly sparkling and a little sweet) and we’ve paired it with our handcrafted Escazu pure dark chocolate bar (made in Raleigh). Your sweetheart will swoon at this combination! We only have a few left, so come on in to get your gift soon!

Wishing you a sweet day!

Kristin & Chris

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In the News!

The local Lexington newspaper, The Dispatch, has published an article about the goings on here at the shop! Click Here to read the article. It’s a great article and the only thing we’d change is the spelling of my name: Kristin (not Kirstin). When you come into the shop, just ask for Chris / Kris – one of us will answer! : )

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Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner…

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we’re getting ready to help you impress the one you love! Here’s this week’s first suggestion: Our Saint-Hilaire sparkling wine! This is France’s oldest sparkling wine brand, created by the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey Saint-Hilaire over 450 years ago (more than 100 years before champagne was created).

We’re also featuring Valentine gift bags to help make your gift even more special!

Later this week we’ll share a Valentine’s wine and chocolate pairing that’ll knock your socks off! We’re all about the love this week! : )

PS – Don’t forget that we’re kicking off our Thursday wine tasting with a taste of Italy! See you from 5 PM – 7 PM!

PPS – Watch the Dispatch for an article about Tastings tomorrow! We’re in the business section.

Kristin and Chris

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Super Beers for a Super Bowl


But don’t worry, we’ll get more! We’re so excited that you like this great beer too!

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and the beer room is stocked. I wanted to tell you about one of our favorite beers here in the shop, returning after a bit of an absence: Dixie Brewing’s Blackened Voodoo.

This slow brewed, deep lager is to die for! Five different malts were used to create its darkly rich and very malty flavor. Through extra aging time in their unique cypress tanks Dixie has created the deep color and bewitching character that makes this lager so special.

Whether you’re pulling for New York or for the Patriots, you’re bound to have a great beer experience with Blackened Voodoo. We can’t recommend it enough for the beer drinker who loves big, bold taste in a lager.


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We’re Carrying a Torch for this FootHills Pilsner

Guess what Chris just got into Tastings yesterday? Bottled a mere three days ago Torch Pilsner from Foothills Brewing is a Czech style pilsner, rich and smooth with a full finish. We’ve got them in the beer room and in our cooler. They are going fast so if you want to try the freshest beer in town stop in today! You can call us: 336-243-7220 to reserve a bottle or two.

Also available in our shop from this Winston-Salem brewery: the Hoppyum IPA!

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Day Three

Hey y’all! This New York City girl is getting used to being below the Mason-Dixon line! It’s day three in the shop and we’re having a blast learning the ins and outs. Here we are opening up the shop. It’s a grey day outside, but things in the shop are sunny and bright.

We’ve been meeting with distributors and tastings new wines. The customers and I are learning to understand each other’s accents and I have to say, the people of Lexington are so nice! Folks have been dropping by to say hello and join us for tastings.

Did you notice our name is TASTINGS!?!?!

Here’s what’s popping on the Tasting Table Today:

2008 Biscardo

A 2008 Biscardo
This intense ruby colored wine is persistent and full-bodied and goes well with red meat and game. It’s a delicious wine all by its self and the consensus at the tasting table has been that this wine could be a favorite.

2010 La Quercia
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
According to the bottle this wine means “a beautiful oak tree that grows nobly on the small and intimate estate in Ambruzzo”. It sounds like a dream location to me! This is a medium bodied wine that is fruity and perfect for everyday. They recommend pasta, white meat and fresh cheese. If you’re in the area stop by and have a taste – this bottle opens at 5 PM today!

See you soon!

Kristin and Chris


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 NY decided to grace us with one last snow storm before we left for NC so we were delayed by a day in moving to Lexington. We drove through the sleet, freezing rain and fog in the middle of the night to our new home and today was our first day in the shop! It was so wonderful to sit with the team and explore all of the wines. We even met with our first distributor.

It was amazing to meet our customers and to ring in our first day with much better weather.  We’re planning our first tasting event for next week. Stay tuned for the date and time…we’re thinking about a taste of Italy to get started.

Have a tasty day!

Kristin & Chris

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NC Bound!

Happy New Year! About two months ago Chris and I heard that Ann and her team at Tastings Wine and Beer needed to sell the shop. We found ourselves at a cross roads at the very same time. I’d just given birth to our son at the end of September and we found that we wanted to bring him up closer to family. When we heard that one of our favorite shops from Chris’ hometown was going to be available we started to dream of owning our own business. In a short amount of time our dream became a reality and now we’re in the process of packing up our lives in New York City to relocate to Lexington! With an infant and a dog in tow, we’ll be in the shop February 1st. In the meantime Ann and her amazing partners have been running things for us. We can’t wait to get into Tastings and learn from their experience!

We’re looking forward to a launch party, Valentine’s Day and an exciting first year for us at an already amazing shop! We want to hear from you! If there’s something that you’d like us to have in the shop, or if you have a special order you want us to be aware of – or if you just want to say hello, please leave us a comment.

Stay tuned for information about Tastings, promotions and our ideas and thoughts on wine and craft beer.

We look forward to sharing the shop with you, getting to know you and being a part of the Lexington community!


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So we bought a wine shop

Hello world! This blog has been created for a number of reasons…

  1. My husband and I had a baby…
  2. My husband and I are finding that raising said baby in New York City is really expensive and very far away from our families…
  3. So in a moment of insanity we bought a wine shop in a small southern town. (I am going to attribute this to the sleep deprivation that Chris and I have been subjected to since the arrival of the baby).
  4. The small southern town is my husband’s hometown.
  5. We’re leaving our jobs, heading home for the holidays to complete the purchase of our shop, visiting family, returning to New York in a whirlwind to pack up our apartment and fifteen plus years of New York City living to be in our new life by February 1st.


My name is Kristin and my husband is Chris and we’re embarking on an amazing adventure in wine, beer and owning our own business.


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